Baby, It’s Cold Outside…

December Already? Winterizing Protects Your Home’s Investment


WINTER CHECKLIST from Next Move Nation’s Capital

While we may be enjoying the waning days of a beautiful fall season, winter’s bitter chill is not far away.  For too many homeowners, that first icy blast will be a wake-up call that reminds us we should have taken some basic steps to winterize our home before the winter freeze. Next Move Nation’s Capital knows the value in keeping your home protected. Below are essential items to consider:


  1. Protect against frozen pipes by insulating those that could be susceptible to freezing. With severe temperature drops, keep a stream of water running in a few faucets to guard against freezing and bursting.
  2. Caulk around holes and openings to help prevent cold air from seeping in. Install weather stripping and seals around openings such as windows, doors, air conditioners and mail chutes.
  3. Detach garden hoses, drain and store them. Shut off the valves and insulate the faucet.
  4. Set your thermostat for at least 65 degrees and make sure your home is well-insulated.
  5. Weatherstripping, storm doors and windows can prevent cold air from entering your home or heat escaping from it. This will also lower power bills.
  1. Anticipate pipe bursts by adding an emergency pressure release valve to your plumbing system. Be sure you know how to shut the water off at the main valve inside the house and at the meter.
  2. Service furnaces, boilers and chimneys at least once a year to clear any buildup and to keep them running efficiently.
  3. Make sure detectors work. Residential fires are more common in winter, so it is important that all of your smoke detectors work. Install a carbon monoxide detector. Check them monthly and replace batteries as needed.
  4. Keep the trees trimmed and remove dead branches and debris from your yard. Ice, snow and wind can weaken trees and cause branches to fall and potentially damage your home, car or even yourself and others.
  5. Keep driveways and sidewalks clear of ice and snow and repair any issues with steps and handrails.


If you’re heading south for the winter, take extra precautions like turning the water off completely off.  Consider having the plumbing system drained to keep pipes from freezing. Ask a friend or neighbor to check on your home regularly. If a problem is detected, time is of the essence.


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